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 SelectShred provides On-site/ Mobile Hard Drive Destruction in Martin County. In addition to paper records, many organizations and individuals keep confidential information on computer hard drives. Damaged or outdated computer hard drives must be destroyed to ensure that confidential information is not retrieved and misused. Simply erasing computer files or formatting hard drives does not destroy the information stored on the hard drives in magnetic format.


A hard drive contains an indexing table that points to the locations of file contents. “Permanently deleting” electronic files stored on a hard drive by a computer user removes the indicator of where the file information is located on the hard drive, but does not actually remove file contents.


Also, formatting hard drives destroys the indexing table but does not remove the file contents. These file contents are routinely recovered and reassembled with hard drive data recovery software unless the hard drive platters on which the information is magnetically stored are physically distorted/destroyed.


Proper hard drive data destruction requires physical destruction of the hard drive by physical distortion/destruction of the platters. Drilling holes through the platters is uneconomical, is dangerous for employees and individuals handling a drill for such use, and is a waste of time.


SelectShred trucks have hard drive destroyers that physically distorts and destroys the platters by punching through them, rendering the hard drives unusable and the data irretrievable. SelectShred offers on-site hard drive destruction that you can witness. The destroyed hard drive can be returned to you. The serial number is recorded, and a certificate of destruction is provided to you. You will be assured of the destruction of the information stored on hard drives.


Hard drives must be physically destroyed to ensure that the complete destruction of data has been accomplished.


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