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How On-site Shredding Works

Secure on-site shredding is an overall process that involves more than destroying documents in a mobile shredding truck. The security of the process is assured from the creation of written policies and procedures for handling the documents by the legitimate user, proper staff training, securing the confidential information in locked containers, the timely destruction of the information inside a secured on-site shredding truck, and the responsible disposal of the destroyed material. The procedure is as follows:


Step 1 – For recurring service customers, SelectShred will provide you with collection containers which are placed in your business. These containers are Regal Ergo 35” Cabinets/Consoles and/or IPL 65 Gallon Carts/Bins. The consoles and bins are locked with keys. A key will be provided to your designated employee so that if material is prematurely placed in a container, it can be retrieved. This system maintains the security of the confidential information and eliminates the finality of erroneous destruction that would occur with an office shredder. The containers will remain locked until the scheduled shredding.


Step 2 – On the scheduled shredding day, SelectShred’s driver will arrive at your place of business, unlock the container, retrieve the secured material to be shredded, place it in a locked wheeled cart, and take the wheeled cart outside to the shred truck. The wheeled cart is automatically loaded onto the shred truck and emptied into an enclosed shredding system on the truck where the contents are securely shredded and completely destroyed on-site. Your designated staff can witness the shredding process inside the enclosed compartment of the truck through video monitoring. Personnel do not have to handle the sensitive material. All material is destroyed on-site and you are provided with a certificate of destruction.


Step 3 – The shredded material is co-mingled with shredded material from other customers, ensuring further security by eliminating the possibility of retrieving and reassembling your confidential information. The shredded paper is then taken to a local recycling plant daily where it is baled and consolidated for recycling and ensuring full destruction and environmentally responsible disposal of the material. The recycling process saves trees and reduces the amount of material placed in landfills. SelectShred is committed to protecting people and preserving the environment.


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Protecting People and Preserving the Environment

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