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Why Use an On-Site Shredding Services?

Most companies know that protecting confidential information is important but many do not realize that protecting that information should be part of their daily routine operations instead of a one-time event for destroying documents that are put aside for disposal after a specific period of time. Companies should limit the lifetime of confidential information in their possession.


Written policies and procedures and training must be in place to create routine information protection. Through routine shredding by an on-site shredding company/mobile shredding company, employees will adhere to secure information destruction and shredding practices. The use of an on-site shredding services will document your company’s commitment to securing confidential information for regulatory compliance and will legally protect the company.


Without formal policies and procedures, employees are prone to overlook the importance of protecting confidential information and simply discard sensitive material in the garbage when they are pressed for time. They likely will also delay using or avoid using the in-house office shredder, subjecting the sensitive and confidential information to retrieval by dumpster divers for identity theft or corporate espionage.


Identity thieves look for opportunities to steal confidential information from vulnerable/unsecured records. Outsourcing document shredding through partnership with SelectShred eliminates that worry and ensures security and peace of mind.


Reasons for partnering with SelectShred to outsource your document shredding include:

  • Security of information with on-site shredding services and on-site hard drive destruction. The information is destroyed to a non-usable form at your office, ensuring that the information cannot be accidentally or intentionally accessed by a third party off-site after removal from your business place. SelectShred staff undergoes criminal background checks, further ensuring the security of your confidential documents.
  • The destruction process in the mobile shred truck can be witnessed by you or your designated staff through video monitoring on the shred truck.
  • You will be provided with a certificate of destruction stating that the material has been destroyed, and providing documentation for your legal protection.
  • In-house shredding is insecure because all of the shredded material is placed in a single bag that is discarded in the garbage. The confidential information is easily retrievable and reassembled for misuse. Material placed in the garbage is not considered confidential and dumpster divers likely will not be prosecuted for retrieval and misuse of such material.
  • In-house shredding is time consuming, uneconomical, inefficient, unproductive, and presents potential confidentiality breach within your organization.
  • Avoid the public relations nightmare and embarrassment of information security breaches traced back to your business.
  • Convenient and economical document destruction that saves 50% or more of your shredding cost by eliminating lost productivity from staff feeding paper into an office shredder, maintaining an office shredder, dealing with office shredder paper jams, and purchasing replacement office shredders repeatedly due to office shredder damage from overwork.
  • The ability of SelectShred to deal with large volumes of information to be destroyed. Large volumes of material to be shredded are most suitably handled by the high capacity, high throughput on-site/mobile shredding equipment used by SelectShred.
  • Responsible environmental stewardship conducted by your company and SelectShred in recycling the shredded material rather than discarding paper in garbage that is placed in landfills but not recycled.

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