SELECTSHRED | Secure Document Shredding and Hard Drive Destruction
Recurring or Scheduled Shredding Service

Recurring Shredding Service or Scheduled Shredding Service destroys confidential documents on a regular basis on-site and establishes an effective, economical, convenient, and secure on-going document destruction program in partnership with SelectShred. Locked secure consoles and/or bins are placed in your business place and confidential documents are inserted into the containers by your staff daily. Consoles hold up to 100 pounds of paper and bins hold up to 350 pounds of paper.


Specially trained SelectShred staff that has undergone drug screening and criminal background screening will arrive at your business place on scheduled days that are convenient to you to empty the locked secure consoles and/or bins. The confidential documents are transferred to the mobile shred truck and securely shredded on-site (at your location) by the specialized automated shredding equipment in the truck. Recurring service provides the most convenience for your staff and the best security for confidential information since it discourages human behavior that is most likely to cause lax security and expensive breaches. Your confidential documents are secured quickly, and staff greatly appreciates the convenience of inserting the paper into the console and/or bin rather than spending time waiting for an office shredder to destroy paper.


Many organizations use scheduled service/recurring service for the convenience and economy. It is more economical to outsource shredding to an on-site shredding service than to encumber your staff with the monotonous drudgery of using an office shredder, even for small establishments. You can witness the secure destruction of your documents through a video monitor on the truck, and you are issued a certificate of destruction noting that your documents have been securely destroyed and the shredded material will be responsibly recycled. The large volume of material to be shredded is most suitably handled by the high capacity, high throughput on-site/mobile shredding equipment used by SelectShred.

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